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Since 1942 Albakom Metal has been serving as metal parts subcontractor around the globe. We have been expert for our clients requirements in parts design, complex progression tooling, high quality precision stamping, montage as well as surface treatment and electrostatical painting for diverse sectors as electrical appliances,

household appliances, tv, consumer electronics, furniture and cosmetics.

Our quality standards has been approved by SGS Yarsley with ISO 9001 certification as well as our long term clients.

Albakom Metal has been carrying out several research and development projects in order to develop new technologies for maximizing the efficiency.

Albakom Metal’s principles of JIT (Just In Time), TQM (Total Quality Management) and KAIZEN philosophy enables us to be flexible in our business and means providing maximum satisfaction for our customers and enables us to provide deliveries on time.

We recognize the 1st class service, top quality products and competitive pricing as keys to our success.

In plant area of 9000m2 and high skilled personell are supported by most up-to-date production facilities.

Our investment both on human resources and technology returns us as ‘’Optimising the tooling and maufacturing process’’ by extensive technical expertise, range of skills, quality planning techniques and an integrated computerised manufacturing system which manage the whole operational functions from production to accounting.

  • 1942-1950

Water bottle and soda pop lids, stationery binder mechanisms, medallions to Mobil as gift articles. Metal sheets, clips and steels in different shapes and sizes. Spiral shaped bows.

  • 1950-1960

To banks: Coin boxes (T. Is Bank – T. Ticaret Bank)
To cosmetic industry: Lip-stick tubes, face powder compacts, hair curlers (Plastic and metal)

  • 1960-1970

Brown goods industry: Inner metal parts of radios, outer decorative parts, switches, emblems, rosettes and holders.
Singer-Zetina-Ugurgul branded sewing machines inner parts and outer decorative parts, adjustment mechanisms, drawer rails and locks.

  • 1970-1988

Siemens-Philips-Grunding-Telefunken-Beko-Rad-San-Nevtron-Ra-Tel-Schaub Lorenz-Blaupunkt branded TV inner parts and outer decorative parts. Die manufacturing and coating. According to customer requirements; Demirdöküm, Emas, Airfel, Özak, Gold Master, İhlas Ev Aletleri, B/S/H/, MHS, Baymak, Technocast we have produced stamped parts; or electrostatic powder coated parts. All parts die design and die production done by Albakom. Some of parts exported.
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